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Dr. Ravindar Bindra

Head IT Security Architecture, Engineering and Design

Novartis AG

Ravi is currently a security architect in a large pharmaceutical company but in a previous role he setup both the IT Security Attack and Response Team as well as the Global Incident Organisation (which handled all major outages) for which there was a role of Manager on Duty who was trained in incident management and was first responder. Against all statistics, Ravi had the pleasure and privilege to be the First Responder in 6 out of 9 global incidents over 5 years. 


Date Title

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017

May 10, 2017
Best Practice
IaaS Cloud Services for the Paranoid

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016

May 11, 2016
IT Crisis Management: Tales from the Front Line

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

May 05, 2015
Moving the Security Perimeter: What Needs to be Done Before the Internet Firewalls are Removed?
May 06, 2015
Digital Risk Officer & Chief Digital Officer
Recruiting Customers, Suppliers and Even Competitors to Help Reduce Risk

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

May 15, 2013
Combined Session
It is not only about Root – Integrating Privilege Management with the Rest of IAM
May 16, 2013
Combined Session
Is it Time to say Goodbye to Old-School Authentication Delivery Models?