Bob Lam
CEO and Co-Founder, ShardSecure

Bob Lam

Bob Lam is a seasoned entrepreneur in early-stage cybersecurity companies. Bob has developed a wealth of knowledge of global enterprise operations, geopolitical risk, cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory policies.
Bob, who is currently CEO and Co-Founder at ShardSecure, was previously a co-founder of Bayshore Networks (acquired by OPSWAT), a leading Industrial IoT cybersecurity company. He was also VP of Business Development at NeoAccel (acquired by VMware) and Pareto Networks (acquired by Aerohive).
At ShardSecure, Bob has established key strategic alliances with KPMG, Microsoft, and other leading companies.
Bob also served as Managing Director at JP Morgan/Bear Stearns, where he led their cybersecurity practice.
Bob holds an MBA from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University.

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