Dr. Sarah Walton
Digital Consultant, Author, Coach, International ID Code of Conduct Programme Manager, Women in Identity

Dr. Sarah Walton

Dr. Sarah Walton is a digital consultant, author, coach, and public speaker. She founded Counterpoint in 2003 to support organisations to become digital, innovate and grow.

Since 1994, Sarah has worked internationally across multiple industry sectors and governments. She has contributed to the UK digital transformation, the international Open Banking, Open Finance and Identity debate and authored government identity white papers. She’s fostered partnerships in the identity ecosystem and delivered cross-border digital innovation. Sarah has written identity reports for public and private sectors.

An advocate of ID Inclusion, she’s been instrumental in several programmes to support financial, digital, and social inclusion. Sarah has led several population analysis research projects to quantify digital and identity excluded populations – to enable inclusive and ethical identity services that support the growth of individuals and economies worldwide.

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