Vlad Shapiro
Founder of Costidity Inc, Costidity Inc

Vlad Shapiro

Vladislav is driven by a deep curiosity for understanding human behavior; especially at the intersection of technology and decision-making. A noted expert in IGA, Vlad is a founder of Costidity Inc, author of “Costidity: The Cost of Human Factor”. Vlad is NPR Cube creator, a patent-pending framework that reveals blind spots in access requests (business Need, existing Policies and Resolution).


Vlad has 25+ years of experience in Digital Security, Identity Governance and Administration, Data Governance and Data Analysis. His expertise ranges from mathematical modeling of identity management data, analysis of current Identity and Access Management practices to mastery of IGA program, maturity evaluation and advisory.


A native of Kyiv, Ukraine, resident of Boston, Vlad has held senior advisory positions in IGA at financial institutions, analytics firms and IGA vendors. Founding member of IDPro, Human Factor blog author in the IDPro monthly newsletter, CIDPRO Certified (2021). 

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