Dasun Hegoda
Director/Software Architect, ICTA

Dasun Hegoda

Dasun is specialized in Enterprise Application Development (EAD) with many years of industry experience in the field of IT and the digital arena. After years of experience in different roles, he currently holds Director/Software Architect's position at ICTA and looks after all software projects.

Being a huge fan of technology, he marked his entrance to the professional arena with the feat of a BSc in Management Information System from the University of Dublin and an M.Sc in Enterprise Application Development from Sheffield Hallam University. He is a highly organized, detail-oriented, results-driven, and conscientious self-starter with a great technical vision. His special interests cover the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Security, Cloud, and Mobile.

Dasun's core competencies include Versatile Technical Excellence, Software Architecting / Development, Software Life Cycle Management, Technical Project Management, Software Security & Performance, Software Scalability, Team Building/ Leadership, Training & Mentoring.

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