Dr. Evelyne Sørensen, LL.M.
Business Lawyer, activeMind.legal

Dr. Evelyne Sørensen, LL.M.

Dr. Evelyne Sørensen, LL.M. specializes in international data protection law. As a business lawyer at the law firm activeMind.legal she enables international groups and companies to handle complex data processing and international data transfers in a GDPR compliant way. Evelyne holds a law degree from Aarhus University (Denmark) and an MSc in EU Business and Law from Aarhus School of Business (Denmark). Evelyne has a PhD and was awarded a prize for her doctoral thesis on "Mobile Advertising: Proposals for adequate Disclosure and Consent Mechanisms".

Before joining activeMind.legal, she worked on a number of university research projects and lectured in data protection law and privacy.

Evelyne is an Auditor for ISO IEC 27001 (TÜV) and a lecturer at the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK), where she provides training for Data Protection Officers.

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