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Judith Fleenor

Director of Strategic Engagement

Trust Over IP Foundation

The mission of the Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP) is to simplify and standardize how trust is established over a digital network or using digital tools. The ToIP collaborative community focuses on Interoperability and cryptographic verifiability at the machine layers, and human accountability at the legal, business, and social layers. Judith facilitates the collaborative community of international experts working together to design the specifications, recommendations and supporting documents and tools for the ToIP four layer-dual stack, which incorporates both interoperable technical architecture and governance.

She has always had interest in Identity and Access Management and was an active volunteer in Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, a response to the US National Strategic for Trusted Identity during the Obama administration. She served as both Vice-Chair of the User Experience Working Group and on the communications committee developed an on-boarding experience for new members.

Always on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, Previously, Judith was the Director of Training Delivery Worldwide for Netscape Communications. At Sunrun, a leader in solar energy, she grew the partner organization by developing the skills of new partners and led company-wide leadership development initiatives at a time of rapid organizational growth.


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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022

May 11, 2022
Deploying Zero Trust
Panel Session - The Stack, the Stack, the Stack: How Trust over IP is Enabling Internet-Scale Digital Trust
May 13, 2022
Standards, Protocols, Alliances
Panel: Protocols, Standards, Alliances: How to Re-GAIN the Future Internet from the Big Platforms