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Kim Hamilton Duffy

Architect, Digital Credentials Consortium


Kim is the Architect for the Decentralized Credentials Consortium, a university-led effort to design a digital verifiable credentials infrastructure. Kim is an expert and leader in the emerging decentralized identity space, driving standards and implementations through direct technical contributions and her leadership roles in the decentralized identity communities. She co-chairs the W3C Credentials Community Group, which incubated the Decentralized Identifier (DID) and Verifiable Credentials data models, and their ecosystem. She leads the Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force, and is on the Decentralized Identity Foundation Steering Committee.
Kim led development of the BTCR (Bitcoin Reference) DID Method -- the first entirely open source/open standard DID Method -- and co-created the Blockcerts open standard with the MIT Media Lab. This successful open source/standard project demonstrated decentralized verifiability of Open Badges by anchoring to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Kim's mission is to expand opportunities to individuals through recognition of learning and skills gained beyond the traditional classroom, and her focus is building the interoperable, privacy-enabling open standards to accomplish this.


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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021

Sep 15, 2021
Research Track
Decentralized Identity: What's Been Happening and Why it Matters
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