Francisco Z. Gaspar
Lead CyberSecurity Architect, Telefónica Germany

Francisco Z. Gaspar

Francisco Gaspar is an engineer by training, CyberSecurity architect by trade and a "team player" by nature.

He is above all a Geek as he breathes technology He has a special interest in robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He tries to be a cybersecurity evangelist whenever he has the opportunity.

He has done consulting projects in several international organizations, with special emphasis on financial services and telecommunications.

He has mentored in a program helping retraining people to be programmers and for the three years he has lived in Dublin, he has been involved as a mentor in launching startups on a program called UpStart at Trinity College Dublin Sponsored by CitiBank.

His must know publication/appearance was in TED, where he has done a TED talk on CyberSecurity.

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