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Martin Gontovnikas

VP of Product



Martin Gontovnikas, a.k.a Gonto, is a software engineer at heart who moved to the ‘dark side’ and is now VP of Product at Auth0, a leader in identity and access management. He considers himself lucky to have found a way to combine his two passions and apply his engineering thinking model to product innovation.

As a software engineer, Gonto built a framework for AngularJS called Restangular that quickly grew in popularity and is now used by companies like weather.com, Reuters, CNN, and others. After it was built, he realized that he enjoyed making Restangular popular through blog content, StackOverflow conversations, and speaking at events, more than actually building it.

When not innovating at Auth0, Gonto can be found eating gourmet food at the best new restaurants, visiting every local brewery he can find, or traveling the globe in search of new experiences.


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Consumer Identity World USA 2018

Sep 21, 2018
CRM, Marketing Automation & User Experience
Panel: The Future of Marketing
Sep 21, 2018
AI, Deep Learning & Understanding Consumer Identity
Nudging Customers into Action with Behavioral Economics