Ammi Virk
Head of Intelligence, Hexegic B.V. 

Ammi Virk

Ammi Virk has worked within law enforcement services for over 20 years. He has worked domestically in the UK and internationally in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has applied advanced analytical techniques in major incidents [terrorism cases], against organised criminal gangs and in largescale international fraud investigations. 

Ammi has provided Intelligence Analysis training to many 100s' of professionals over the past 12 years and is a vocal evangelist of effective training to technical professionals. He has provided consultancy to Government organisations and large private businesses, all the time engaging and building long-term relationships. 

Now working with Hexegic as Head of Intelligence he is ensuring that intelligence analysis is a key product used to aid understanding and to define, assess and target Cyber Threats. Ammi emphasises the need to: 

  • Have a clear and coherent Cyber Threat Intelligence Strategy
  • Understand the Zero Level Requirement and the Critical Success Factors
  • Train, enhance and use your intelligence resources effectively

'Too often we forget the human component in Cyber Intelligence, whether they are own resources or the practitioners on the other side. We need to ensure that our resources are enhanced and empowered whilst those challenging us struggle to make headway.'

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