Mariana Dahan
CEO & Founder, WIN - World Identity Network

Mariana Dahan

As the founder and CEO of the World Identity Network (WIN) — an initiative launched on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island this past summer — Mariana Dahan is striving to bring together world’s brightest minds and leverage the potential of DLT and blockchain technologies to solve some of humanity’s toughest challenges, such as the trafficking of human beings.

To that end, WIN has partnered with several United Nations agencies to organize the “Blockchain for Humanity” Global Challenge, which resulting in a series of forward-looking technologies solutions and approaches.

Previously, Mariana Dahan was leading the Identification for Development (ID4D) agenda of the World Bank – a global program that she has initiated and which is now reaching $1 billion in lending and grants to developing countries. Dahan is also a founding member of the Global Blockchain Business Council launched in 2017.

Dahan holds two PhD degrees in management and economic sciences: one from ESCP Europe Business School and another from Paris II University in France. Prior to joining the World Bank Group in 2009, Dahan was a visiting researcher at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she worked on her book Quenching the Thirst for Innovation.

Currently, Mariana Dahan is writing a new book that encourages global leaders and development experts to rethink and redefine the concept of identity, continuously improving and crafting this cornerstone of our human evolution with the best knowledge and solutions that technology can offer.

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