Paul Ferris
CEO, ObjectTech Group

Paul Ferris

Paul is listed as one of the Global Top 100 Influencer in Identity and regularly provides government briefings on the impact of new technologies, and is a speaker on identity, blockchain and advancing new technologies.

After more than thirty years with global banking, finance and border management, Paul understands the value of a secure, legal identity and recognises the benefits of making this identity digital by utilising technologies such as blockchain, for both civilians and businesses.

Paul is a respected pioneer in new technologies, including blockchain, and is now the global lead for the development and standards of Digital identity and Blockchain for ISO and is a founding board member of the UKDCA, a board representative on the IBC and represents the UK on the Global Blockchain Forum.

Paul co-founded the ObjectTech Group who are building a digital, self-sovereign identity system to address the challenges and opportunities of the worlds current identity systems. He has been instrumental in innovating seamless travel experiences, building for digital passports that provide security and accuracy, for both civilians and border controls.

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