Martijn Postma
Innovation Expert, The Netherlands Gaming Authority

Martijn Postma

Martijn Postma is a freelance IAM consultant working on innovations in Government, Public Safety and Aerospace & Defence (A&D). He brings leadership and expertise to improve the sharing of sensitive information in 24/7, high risk, operational environments. And has a keen eye for what is required to get the job done.

Martijn has served as a senior consultant with The Netherlands Ministry of Defence for several years. Besides running IAM projects like Secure Email he was the Policy Management Authority for the Public Key Infrastructure, providing MoD employees with reliable high end identification means.

Together with the respective PMA’s he built the first government-industry PKI Bridge, that allowed identity proofingand attribute sharing between NL MoD, US DoD and industry partners like The Boeing Company or Lockheed Martin. Martijn was also a key contributer to the A&D TSCP trust framework, delivering standards for secure information handling and identity federation.

Currently he is hired by the The Netherlands Gaming Authority to develop technical requirements for remote gambling, that allow iGaming operators to meet legal requirements and protect consumer data and privacy.

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