David Robert
International Big Data Clearing Officer, Groupe Voyages-SNCF – RailEurope

David Robert

David ROBERT has spent the first 11 years of his professional life at the service of large European bodies, such as but not limited to EURATOM, European Parliament, European Bank of Investment, EIONET.eu, SIMAP.

His responsibilities was to design, develop and deliver pan-European solutions enabling each EU Member state to connect and collaborate for example in the fields of nuclear security, public call for tenders publishing, excise& taxation exchange and environmental & food security agencies.

Today David is acting as International Big Data Clearing Officer for one of the largest European transportation and logistics organization: Groupe Voyages-SNCF – RailEurope and is also active member of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA.eu).

At last, David is one of the founding members of ÆTERNAM.eu whose mission is to promote a new Big Data standard for Privacy compliance named ISÆN : Individual perSonal data Auditable accEss Number.

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