Dr. Maria Dubovitskaya
Research Staff Member, IBM Research

Dr. Maria Dubovitskaya

Maria is a research staff member at the Cognitive Computing Department of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. She has been working on designing cryptographic protocols for privacy protection and applying them in practice.

She completed her PhD on Cryptographic Protocols for Privacy-Preserving Access Control in Databases under the guidance of Dr. Jan Camenisch, while being an external PhD student at ETH-Zurich in the group of Prof. Ueli Maurer.

Before joining IBM Research-Zurich, Maria was working at IBM Science and Technology Center in Moscow, Russia as a Software Engineer on Storage systems for Mainframes.

Besides her daily job she is involved in some outreach activities such as volunteer work on IBM E.X.C.I.T.E. Program (Exploring Interest in Technology and Engineering, for school girls). Maria is also one of the founders and a co-leader of IBM Technical Excellence Council R/CIS, an IBM Academy of Technology Affiliate.

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