Richard Walters
CTO – Cloud Services, CensorNet

Richard Walters

Richard has spent almost 30 years in the IT industry, starting with blue-chip vendors such as Digital, Dell, and Panasonic. He has a strong technical background, dating back to VAX VMS and Unix System V, with over 15 years in C-level positions focused on information security. Richard has an in-depth knowledge of operating systems and database security, intrusion detection systems, email and web security, identity and access management and more recently, cloud and mobile security.

Richard has a thorough understanding of risk management and of standards, regulations and legislation such as ISO27001, PCI DSS, and the DPA. He spent over 10 years consulting with FTSE100 companies on all aspects of security and providing corporate intelligence on evolving threats from criminal and state actors. Richard has written numerous articles and was one of the first to talk about ‘cyberliability’. Richard has been referenced extensively in SC Magazine, Infosecurity Magazine and ISSA Journal amongst others as well as BBC Radio and Sky television.

Richard currently serves as Head of Strategy, CensorNet Limited responsible for the company’s current and future integrated set of security services. He was previously Senior Vice President of Security Products at cloud services provider, Inc and before that CTO and co-founder of SaaSID Limited, which was acquired by Intermedia in 2013.

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