Hemma Prafullchandra
CTO and Senior Vice President of Products, HyTrust

Hemma Prafullchandra

Hemma Prafullchandra is Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP, Products at HyTrust. She is responsible for HyTrust strategy and its security and compliance innovations. As an evangelist for what's possible, she drives the company and eco-system (partners, industry bodies, customers) to enable cost-effective, secure deployment of virtualization and cloud.

Hemma brings over 26 years of industry experience in the field of security, with expertise in Virtualization, Cloud, Operating Systems, Java2, Firewall, PKI, Secure Email, Web Services, Managed Services and Strong Authentication. Prior to HyTrust, she held senior management and technical roles at FuGen Solutions, VeriSign, Critical Path, Sun Microsystems, and The Wollongong Group.

She has authored numerous patents, and is an active participant in many industry and standards bodies (such as PCI-SSC, CSA and NIST/NCCoE). Hemma has presented at RSA US and Europe, VMworld, ISACA, ISC2, and other industry events. She is recognized as one of the 2014 Power Players in IT Securityand a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology (VCAT).

Hemma holds a BSc (honours) in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from University College London.

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