Jan Vanhaecht
NWE Partner, Deloitte

Jan Vanhaecht

Jan joined the Deloitte Cyber Risk Services group in June 2008 after successfully leading a niche IAM systems integration company. He is currently leading the Identity and Access Management Practice for EMEA and the Cyber Secure domain for Belgium. In these capacities, he is involved in major national and international projects at a wide range of sectors (Finance, Technology, Public Sector, …).

The projects where Jan is involved, focus on:

•Defining down-to-earth Cyber Security strategies for high ranking clients (national governments, international FSI’s),
•Identity and Access Management engagements from strategy through implementation to managed services where synergies between stakeholders (eg Client Identity and Employee Identity) and IT platforms (eg best-of-bread solution combinations) form a cornerstone of the solution design.
•Securing IT services integration from Enterprise Security Architecture to cloud integration and secure software development,
•Translating complex regulatory and compliance standards (like GDPR and SWIFT CSP) to actionable initiatives and pragmatic infrastructure solutions.

Jan is frequently requested to share his vision on public speaking occasions and panels. Further, the broader security community regularly taps in to his experience by deploying Jan in a Quality Assurance or technology audit role.

Next to his client advisory work, Jan is responsible for financial and operational management of the Cyber Risk Services team in Belgium.

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