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Six Core Principles for Selecting Your Most Suitable IAM Implementation Partner

The increasing demands of IT result in rapidly changing IT landscapes. Many companies do not have the necessary expertise and staff capacity to meet these requirements in terms of flexibility, speed, and quality. For this reason, they rely on external help to integrate systems. To ensure that system integrators meet these requirements, this Leadership Brief presents a dual-track selection process with important core elements.

Phillip Messerschmidt


1 Executive Summary

IAM/IGA represents an essential IT infrastructure, and is therefore at the heart of every company. Fully functional and well implemented, an IAM/IGA system offers advantages through increased efficiency and risk reduction in many areas. However, massive security gaps also arise if the system is not implemented properly or is not accepted by the end users. Consequently, among other things, choosing the right implementation partner for the optimal setup and configuration of systems in the IAM/IGA environment is essential for project success.

To meet the requirements and reduce the risks from poor implementation, project managers of an IAM project should consider the following:

  1. When is the project successful? What are the success factors, and what does this mean in terms of the objectives for the service provider?
  2. Which system integrators does the market offer? What are the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates?

Ultimately, all findings serve to identify whether the company and the task fit the potential system integrator. Therefore, this Leadership Brief presents a structured methodology to find the right system integrator for a successful collaboration.

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