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2019 already has been a challenging year in cybersecurity. There have (again) been many severe cyberattacks and breaches, and there is no hope that this might change in 2020. Cyberattacks will continue to increase in frequency and perhaps severity, and the cyber risks to hyperconnected businesses will continue to grow. With everything and everyone being connected, the attack surface is expanding. This Leadership Brief will discuss the top 5 challenges and the top 5 trends that KuppingerCole sees for 2020, followed by recommendations to deal with those challenges.

1 Executive Summary

There are steps that organizations can take to increase their cyberattack resilience and reduce their cyber risks. This requires targeted investments in technology, as well as investments in people (education), organization, guidelines, policies, and processes. Technology by itself does not help, and having too many tools in place may exacerbate problems. More tools do not equal more security. Having the right tools in place is essential.

Based on our ongoing interactions with our customers, with vendors, and with our colleagues, we’d like to share our perspective on the most relevant cybersecurity challenges, the technology trends, and give recommendations on what to do first for improving cyberattack resilience and reducing the cyber risk exposure for your organization.

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