Leadership Brief

Top 3 Initiatives to Improve CX and Customer Journeys

When it comes to digital marketing, companies of all business sectors try to constantly improve customer experience (CX) and customer journeys. In many cases, there is a single focus on technological topics, such as machine learning or conversational interfaces. But, is technology the key to success? This leadership brief gives an overview of relevant topics regarding optimization of CX and customer journeys—and highlights three initiatives to consider.

Roland Bühler


1 Executive Summary

“Business case first, technology second”—this is maybe the most important summary of this leadership brief. When it comes to the optimization of customer experience and customer journeys, the top three initiatives might be to improve convenience, relevance and trust. The concrete way to improve in these areas depends on various aspects, such as business sectors, buyer personas, and sales channels.
Up-to-date technologies, such as machine learning, conversational interfaces, or smart authentication might help, but they are not an end in themselves.

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