Leadership Brief

Optimizing your Cybersecurity Spending

Prioritizing cybersecurity portfolio expenditures can be a very complex process. At best, the investments should be as low as needed but high enough to be prepared for future attacks and data breaches. In order to invest sensibly, companies must be aware of the challenges and trends. This Leadership Brief describes a few top-level challenges and recommendations when planning your 2020 Cybersecurity budgets.

Christopher Schütze


1 Executive Summary

Most businesses are right in the middle of cybersecurity budget planning. Some are done, some will be later. This process is usually kicked off in the last quarter of the year. Cybersecurity is one of the areas where virtually every business will need to invest, with ever-growing cyber risks and ever-expanding regulations. On the other hand, budgets always are tight, and most businesses already have a zoo of different cybersecurity tools, some with redundant capabilities. Thus, it might be even worth considering retiring some and focusing on the ones that really help mitigate cyber risks. A well-defined architecture and portfolio selection process help to increase security and avoid spending the budget on unnecessary tools and services.

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