Leadership Brief

Marketing, IoT, and Privacy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an IT megatrend. Apart from offering new possibilities and experiences to its users, IoT is highly interesting for marketers as it offers new ways to communicate with consumers and customers, leading to new possibilities in terms of analytics and consumer engagement as well. But what about privacy when IoT comes into play? This Leadership Brief gives an overview of marketing opportunities and privacy challenges in terms of IoT, with a focus on European legislation based on GDPR.

Roland Bühler


1 Executive Summary

IoT can be an essential stepping stone on the way from “omni-channel marketing” to “everywhere marketing” — leading to great opportunities if the balance between marketing and privacy is ensured considering relevant jurisdiction and legislation.

The next few years will show how IoT will change daily life and consumer behavior. In the end, consumers will decide which concepts and products will succeed.

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