Leadership Brief

AI and Machine Learning — The Basics in a Nutshell

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important for various applications in almost all industrial sectors. This leadership brief gives a basic overview of the main principles of artificial intelligence (AI), with a strong focus on machine learning (ML). Typical use cases are illustrated based on some examples — with a marketing and identity management-oriented focus.

Roland Bühler


1 Executive Summary

AI and ML will be game changers and will strongly influence business models and business processes.

Depending on the particular task and the available data, different ML models come into play, such as supervised or unsupervised learning. It is essential to choose an appropriate model.

When it comes to new or improved marketing or identity management solutions, machine learning will be part of the story in many cases. Nevertheless, it is necessary to focus on your business strategy first and to stay aligned with the technical part of the story. Focus on existing solutions and modules (e.g., from big market players) instead of reinventing.

Understand what you want to do and how. ML depends on data and will create new data. Don’t forget privacy and information security issues.

Last but not least: Start soon, learn from experience and failure, and always apply solid project and risk management.

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