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Designing Your Future Identity Fabric Program

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Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt
Lead Advisor
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt joined KuppingerCole in January 2021 as Advisor & Analyst. Prior to this, he worked for various management consultancies, primarily advising major banks on challenges related to the IT security infrastructure topic of identity and access management (IAM). His focus...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2023
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B2B IAM: A Gap Between Modern Demands and Current Practices
May 12, 2023

Most enterprises nowadays need to grant access to multiple business partners daily as they heavily rely on online interactions (online relationships) with one another. 

Thus, an ever-expanding, interconnected digital ecosystem emerges, the complexities of which frequently result in operational inefficiencies, security risks, increased administrative costs, and unintuitive user experiences. 

These challenges are long lived in the B2B identity management space. Yet still today, many organisations continue to struggle using outdated, homegrown and oftentimes error prone centralised IAM systems.  

This session will unwrap modern, decentralised solution trends in the fast-growing segment of IAM using real-life use cases. It will also explore best practices for digital access and delegation management for business partners - seamlessly and securely at scale. 


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Kantara Initiative Meet-Up - The Identity Place To Be
May 09, 2023

This workshop will feature the innovative and strategic initiatives underway at the Kantara Initiative. Where do you fit in and how can you benefit from all that Kantara has to offer? Key takeaways:

  • Kantara leads the way in US certifications for compliance with NIST Digital Identity Guidelines, 800-63. With all the major US identity verification companies entering their assurance program to obtain trust marks against the NIST 800-63 standards, earning IA2, AAL2, and FAL2 certifications. Learn how to become part of this elite group of service providers.
  • Version 4 of NIST 800-63 is out and Kantara is defining the requirements in the Identity Assurance Framework. Learn about future updates that will enable you to participate in real-world innovation that allows service providers and relying parties to gain meaningful return on their investment on the cutting edge of digital identity founded on standards.
  • Get the latest reports, white papers, and releases from the Kantara Work Groups, some of which will also be featured during the conference, including the Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG), Privacy Enhancing Mobile Credentials WG (PEMC), Advanced Notice & Consent Receipt WG (ANCR), User Managed Access (UMA) WG, and Resilient Identifiers for Underserved Populations (RIUP) WG.
  • Equity and inclusion is a key priority for Kantara, learn about recent efforts and ways to use DEIA strategies to raise your bottom line and increase your return on investment by building DEIA into your business case.
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Closing Keynote
May 12, 2023
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Verifiable Digital Credentials: Comparison of Characteristics, Capabilities and Standardization of Emerging Formats and Issuance Protocols
May 10, 2023

In 2022, several standards organizations and open source groups made great progress defining protocol specifications and code for the issuance of digital credentials. In this session, learn about and discuss some of the emerging issuance protocols, and compare their features, capabilities and trade offs.

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The Path to Passwordless is Paved with Orchestration
May 10, 2023

End-users have become accustomed to shopping, dining, traveling, learning, and caring for their health in an ever-more-digital fashion. Unfortunately, bad actors have put personal data at greater risk by perfecting a loop of using previously breached data to drive new data-rich breaches. We’ll examine:

  • The newest standards that help render stolen passwords worthless for launching new attacks
  • How to apply an identity-layer signal of signals, unifying systems of intelligence
  • Ways to match enhanced security with superior user experience
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Best Practice: Empowering the Vision of the IoT with Decentralized IAM
May 11, 2023

How Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) enables decentralized Identity and Access management for Things

  • The Challenges of IoT and Identity 
  • SSI key elements in a nutshell 
    • Decentralized Identifier (DID)
    • Verifiable Credentials (VC)
    • The role of blockchain / DLTs
    • How the elements work basically together
  • The SSI advantages / disadvantages in general and for IoT
  • Can SSI replace “traditional” Identity and access solutions and how? 
    • The IoT possibilities filancore enables with SSI

From SSI zero to hero – ETO`s digital & IoT transformation in practice

    • From or need to vision, strategy and IoT-SSI in operation
      • Our innovation, organization, and technology problems from back then
      • SSI as a competitive chance
    • ETO`s SSI strategy and roadmap – where we started, are and going
    • Our SSI High-Level Architecture and IoT product innovation(s) [decentralized IAM in use]
    • Our lessons learned and take-aways with SSI
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Running Machine Learning Analytics On Traces
May 11, 2023

Let’s do things differently. To start with, let us view logs and traces as no different from any other data. The data an application indirectly generates when in use (the logs and traces) is no different from the data an application directly works with (input and output). So let’s keep them all together in a scalable cloud storage repository. Once it is there, it is just like any other big data. We need to analyze and apply intelligent monitoring to detect situations of interest. So we need to apply trained ML models to a stream of such data for immediate alerting when the traces indicate an unwanted behavior occurring or brewing. This talk will show how to harness existing technologies to do just that.

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IAM Across Hybrid On-Premises and Cloud Resources
May 10, 2023

We will be discussing an identity fabric model that allow for growth, ease of integration, and a way to future proof your organization.

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The Journey to Decarbonization and the Role of Digital Identity
May 12, 2023

In this session, we will explore how technology is playing a crucial role in decarbonization efforts. We will discuss how Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) can enable digital transformation and support the energy transition. Additionally, we will delve into the benefits of using Centralized Entity Management to provide customers with a single ID across all digital channels, improving the user experience and enabling personalized interactions. Finally, we will emphasize the importance of a secure customer journey and persona composition to protect sensitive data, ensure customer trust and regulatory compliance, such as GDPR. Join us to learn how these key components can help drive a sustainable and customer-centric future.

Learn about:

  • Decarbonization trough technology - CIAM as an enabler of digital transformation and the energy transition
  • Centralized Entity Management, a single ID across all customer facing digital channels.
  • Secure customer journey and persona composition
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City of The Hague: Adding Access Control to Microservice Architectures for ZTA
May 10, 2023

The Common Ground movement of the Dutch municipalities is developing innovative solutions for greater interoperability. An important part of this is the data landscape, where functionality is accessed through microservice API’s. In the analysis of this architecture, one aspect is barely touched upon: The Access Control aspect in API’s is not appropriately co-developed.

The Municipality of The Hague has performed a Proof Of Architecture (the POA) to demonstrate that it is possible to unlock an existing API in which access is not explicitly modeled, or that still uses traditional Role Based Access Control methods internally, restricting interoperability across contexts.

The POA is done in an effective and efficient way through innovative 'zero trust architecture' concepts, such as Policy Based Access Control. Security and privacy are thus demonstrably realized in accordance with legal requirements. The POA proves that it is technically feasible to add input-filtering of access requests to ignore the restricting RBAC method and thereby open doors for municipalities for interoperability in an autonomous and secure way.

During the presentation the working principles of API access from a perspective of Identity & Access Management are explained, but also how these principles can be applied in practice in an existing application landscape.

The presentation will be a joint presentation between the lead architect of the City of The Hague, Jan Verbeek, and access strategist André Koot.

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Moore's Law and its Seismic Impact on Risk Growth
May 09, 2023
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Your Identity Is Not Self-Sovereign
May 12, 2023

Are we really in control of our identities, are they merely assigned to us, or is there something else at play?

The promise of a "self-sovereign identity" seems great: you know who you are, and through the magic of technology you can prove to everyone around you that you are who you say you are. The technology to enable this is being built and deployed, but is it the right solution? Even more fundamentally, is it the right model at all?

In this session, we'll examine the core concept of "self-sovereign" identity in the light of how society has historically viewed identity and how our digital systems have modeled identity in different ways over time.