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Balbix is the cybersecurity posture automation company. We use AI to reinvent how the world’s leading organizations reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach. With the Balbix Security Cloud, security teams can accurately inventory their cloud and on-premise assets, conduct risk-based vulnerability management, and quantify their cyber risk in monetary terms.

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Nov 08 ‑ Nov 10, 2022 Hybrid Event

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022

The Cybersecurity Leadership Summit returns in November 2022 to help senior leaders build an effective security posture to mitigate cyber risks and implement a culture of cyber awareness within your organization. Get first-hand experiences from CxOs, government officials and global academic experts as they address opportunities and challenges for enterprises along the intersection of security and business via engaging keynotes, panel sessions, and exclusive roundtables. If you are a security leader looking to leverage frameworks, use-cases, and actionable next steps to identify and manage pressing vulnerabilities, register now to grab your seat at CSLS 2022!

Jun 02, 2022 Webinar

Effective Cyber Risk Quantification Through Automation

Continual high-profile cyber incidents demonstrate beyond a doubt that cyber risks exist, but most organizations struggle to quantify cyber risk in a useful way. There is an urgent need for IT security leaders to find a common way to express cyber risk in monetary terms, that business leaders understand to enable effective risk management and security investment.