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Oct 13, 2022
A Zero Trust Approach to Cyber Resilience

Security in many organizations is not evolving fast enough to keep up with business transformation, including migration to the cloud and to Industry 4.0. These changes, while essential to remain competitive, bring fresh security risks. A new approach is needed to ensure cyber resilience. Join security experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and Illumio as they discuss the need to go beyond cyber-attack prevention to cyber resilience, which is aimed at keeping business operations running in the face of ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Survival is all about having a plan to restrict the activities of attackers once they are inside the corporate network and preserve business operations.

John Tolbert, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole will talk about the Zero Trust approach to security, the various components of Zero Trust such as user and device identity, risk evaluation, authorization, and access control, and how it all relates to cyber resilience. Trevor Dearing, Director of Critical Infrastructure Solutions at Illumio will explain the importance of building a strategy for cyber resilience and adopting Zero Trust with reference to Zero Trust Segmentation for applications, systems and the cloud.

Webinar Recording
Jul 21, 2021
Zero Trust Through Identity-Based Segmentation

As workers become more mobile and workloads move into the cloud, the traditional model of enforcing security at the network perimeter becomes ineffective. A Zero Trust model of strict identity verification and access control for every user or workload offers an alternative that secures data while ensuring it is accessible to those who need it.