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Established as a non-profit organization, Cap Digital is the biggest cluster for digital transformation in Europe. We are trusted by over 1000 valued members: 850+ start-up and innovative SMEs, 70+ major corporations, 80+ institutions of higher education and 14 capital investors. Cap Digital aims at promoting the Paris Region as one of the world leaders in digital contents, creative industries and services, from an industrial as well as a strategic point of view. Fostering R&D, helping companies to expand, networking our members and showcasing them throughout the world, are some of the activities we undertake to support the creativity and competitiveness of this important sector.

Cap Digital builds strong relationships with International clusters and other powerful European networks:

  • To help Start-up and SMEs to take part in EU projects or find relevant European partners (UK, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland and Denmark) via a common European Digital Think Tank. The goal is to increase development of technology as well as business partnership and European projects.
  • For Cap Digital to be an active partner in programs helping to improve the competitiveness of the European ICT sector Active participation in different European projects.

Cap Digital helps high potential SMEs to enter foreign markets (US, Brazil, Europe etc.) and to speed-up their international growth, by participating in international trade shows, facilitating business relationships with local key players, and providing soft-landing services.

The cluster is organizing ‘Futur en Seine’ festival, the digital world festival held during 3 days in June in Paris and the Ile-de-France Region.

 Sponsored Events

Date Title
Nov 27 ‑ Nov 29, 2017 Conference

Consumer Identity World Europe 2017

Managing customer information in a digitally transformed economy with numerous business partners demanding access is one of the most significant challenges today, and it will continue to evolve rapidly. Besides that, the challenge is to offer user-friendly login procedures via social media accounts, passwords or biometric devices while securing and respecting personal data at the same time CIW Europe is a joint Event with our Partner CXP (Le Groupe CXP, Paris, France).