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Mar 13, 2024
Mastering CIAM: Advanced Techniques for Designing a Resilient CIAM Program

John Tolbert, Cybersecurity Research Director at KuppingerCole Analysts, dissects CIAM's crucial functions—onboarding, authentication, and IoT management. He will discuss its impact on B2B customer needs, covering delegated management, identity verification, and granular authorization. He’ll underline market changes requiring integrations with fraud reduction, customer data, chatbot, and payment platforms. He will also highlight how CIAM solutions can enhance both customer experiences and security.

Cooper Matheson, Director of Sales at LoginRadius, will address the challenges of connecting emerging technologies for a proactive CIAM implementation. Key discussion points will include enhancing user experiences, reducing abandonment rates, implementing downstream APIs, and boosting both end-user engagement and revenue.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand and implement CIAM best practices.
  • Learn strategies to decrease abandonment rates.
  • Gain an understanding on deploying downstream APIs for user insights.
  • Implement techniques to boost end-user engagement and revenue.
Webinar Recording
Jun 19, 2019
Getting Rid of the Password – How to Increase Safety Affordably

Despite compromised passwords being the leading cause of data breaches, most online businesses still rely on solely using passwords for logins. While getting rid of password authentication is desirable from a security standpoint, organizations fear that it is a costly endeavor that can also affect user experience.