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The Avoco Secure Trust Platform (ATP) delivers the full gamut of identity services: From digital identity issuance and management, to identity verification, to identity related transactions, and a corporate and personal data store. The ATP delivers verified, scalable, secure, user centric identity, and data assurance services, for government and commerce. It works on the principles of assurance levels and is highly configurable for a multitude of use cases. It can be used to generate digital identities across a spectrum of levels of assurance or ‘trust levels’ as well as uplift identity levels. The ATP is built with Data Protection by Design and Privacy by Design as its guiding principles. It can utilize a myriad of authentication measures, including multiple and risk based. The ATP also offers federated authentication through Amazon, PayPal, Bank ID, Mobile ID, European Eid, and so on, as well as support biometrics. User consent is a central tenet of the ATP, and it handles the use of information from multiple sources. These include, “dynamic” attributes and services such as, payments, age verification, AML checking, data in accounts like Amazon and Google and so on. The ATP is also available as a number of exposed REST based API calls, providing Extensibility by Design.  The Avoco Trust Platform is currently being used by both the Royal Mail and GB Group to provide verified identities for the UK Government Verify program. Solutions, using the principles of the Verify program, are being built to accommodate the need for high assurance, dynamic, and user friendly, identity and data services for consumers, driven in particular by global financial institutions.

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Nov 22 ‑ Nov 23, 2016 Conference

Consumer Identity Summit

Paving the way for a truly customer-centric organization, which is focused on solving the customer's problems and needs in an authentic and transparent way, without messing with customer data, instantly and 24/7 – this is what Digital Transformation is all about. Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) is at the heart of Digital Transformation. The Consumer Identity Summit is here to get you kickstarted into the world of CIAM, where you learn from your customers while respecting their privacy needs and securing their personal information against cyber risks.


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Mar 19, 2021

Providers of Verified Identity

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A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN

A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN
Matthias Reinwarth

As social beings, people interact with their environment, whether as citizens of a state, as employees of a company or as contractual partners (customers, insured persons) with a company in the private sector. Even if a large number of such transactions can take place anonymously (coffee to go on the way to the office in the morning does not require identification), proof of identity or the reliable assurance of a particular characteristic ("of legal age," "fully vaccinated") is often [...]

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