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Oct 14, 2010 Webinar

Zurück zur Kernkompetenz: Cloud Computing als Strategie für weniger Komplexität in der IT

In diesem Webinar führt Martin Kuppinger in die Thematik des Cloud Computing ein und stellt eine Checkliste für den optimalen und vor allem sicheren Einstieg in die Public Cloud vor. Mit Mani Pirouz wird dann ein Vertreter des erfolgreichen Cloud Computing Pioniers eine Reihe von Praxisbeispielen beschreiben und sich einer Diskussion über die Chancen und Risiken des Cloud Computing stellen.


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Aug 17, 2017

Leadership Compass: Cloud Access Security Brokers - 72534

How do you ensure secure and compliant access to cloud services without losing the agility and cost benefits that these services provide? This report gives you an overview of the market for…

Jun 09, 2017

Leadership Compass: CIAM Platforms - 70305

This report provides an overview of the market for Consumer Identity and Access Management and provides you with a compass to help you to find the Consumer Identity and Access Management…

Nov 23, 2016

Leadership Compass: CIAM Platforms - 71171

Leaders in innovation, product features, and market reach for Consumer Identity and Access Management Platforms.  Your compass for finding the right path in the market.

Nov 02, 2012

Snapshot: - Salesforce Identity - 70630 is one of the original enterprise cloud application vendors. Coupled with its flagship CRM solution, Salesforce is branching out its expertise into other areas of the cloud…



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May 15, 2015

Ian Glazer - Stop Treating your Customers like your Employees

Enterprise identity management has been primarily focused on serving the correct access to employees and contractors. But as the industry has been perfecting how to serve employees, consumer identity has presented itself as a growth opportunity for businesses and identity professionals alike. Unfortunately, the industry has tried to apply employee-centric techniques for consumer and citizen identity scenarios. In this talk, Mr. Glazer highlights the difference between employee- and customer-centric identity and proposes techniques that identity professionals need to employ to delight customers.