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Jun 09, 2021
Distributed Identity am Beispiel eines digitalen Impfpasses

Distributed Identity ist vielen eher weniger bekannt und noch weniger in Verbindung mit der Pandemie. Die Konzepte, welche DI liefert, sind aber ein hervorragender Ausgangspunkt einen digitalen Impfpass zu erstellen. Warum DI generell eine gute Idee ist und wie darauf basierend ein digitaler Impfpass aussehen kann, wird in diesem Vortrag dargestellt. Wer seiner Familie mal praktisch erklären möchte was IAM, IGA und PAM so machen: impfen lassen und (hoffentlich bald) einen digitalen Impfpass beantragen können!

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Nov 06, 2020
Choosing the Right Fraud Reduction Intelligence Tool in a Digitally Evolving Economy

Fraud is a major cost to businesses worldwide and it is on the rise. In it’s 2019 annual report, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) put a specific focus on methods such as elder fraught, credit card fraud and confidence/romance fraud, emphasizing the growing occurrence of intentional deception in cybercrime. Companies of all industries face the same challenge: The complex and constantly changing world of fraud detection. The Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform (FRIP) market is mature and growing and the solutions in this space are quite diverse. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many companies are unable to cope with the plethora of opportunities in this segment.

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Oct 09, 2020
How to Hunt Threats Effectively With Network Detection & Response Solutions

The number of cyber-attacks globally continue to rise. Attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated. The tactics, techniques and procedures that were once only used by well-funded state actors are being commoditized by cybercriminals. State actors sometimes employ tools that were formerly mostly used by cybercriminals. The threat landscape evolves continuously.

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Oct 12, 2018
Buying Into Zero Trust? What You Need to Consider to Be Successful

As organizations take on the digital transformation, trends such as mobility, proliferation of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure are driving up the number of connected entities and devices increasing the attack surface. With the spate of recent acquisitions in the market looking to change the way we approach security, we need to think beyond the technology and focus on the gaps we need to consider.

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Sep 13, 2018
Prepare for PSD2 with Strong Customer Authentication, Fraud Risk Management and Open Banking APIs

Banks will soon have to comply with the Revised Payment Service Directive, commonly called "PSD2." The directive will introduce massive changes to the payments industry and radically alter the user experience for customers of European banks by allowing third party payment service providers (TPP) to access their account information to provide various innovative financial services. But to mitigate risk, banks and TPPs must address the core regulatory technical requirements outlined by PSD2.