Jennifer Hanley-Giersch
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Jennifer Hanley-Giersch

Managing Partner
Berlin Risk Advisors GmbH

Jennifer is a co-founder and managing partner of Berlin Risk and ALL AML, and Advisor to Blackdot Solutions. She has been working in investigations and anti-financial crime for twenty two years and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Jennifer was awarded the CAMS Audit Certificate in 2019 and is a designated ACAMS trainer.

She has worked on a wide range of reputational due diligence investigations globally and has managed numerous anti-financial crime advisory projects also in the area of sanctions.

She has contributed to the RegTech Book as an expert on anti-financial crime technology with particular focus on KYC and has been involved in various risk assessment and remediation projects.

Jennifer has a track record in developing industry standards and methods in the area of customer due diligence as well as tools for risk analysis and the assessment of reputational and integrity issues. She is also a member of the Deutsches Institut für Compliance (DICO) working group for AML and for Supply Chain and Human Rights due diligence.

Since 2008, Jennifer has been a regular contributor and steering group member at ACAMS Today and a designated ACAMS instructor. She is a founding member and board member of the ACAMS Germany Chapter. Since 2008 Jennifer has published widely on compliance topics relating to financial crime issues. Jennifer speaks fluent English, Italian, German, and has a good understanding of French and Spanish.

Jennifer Hanley-Giersch
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