CISO Roundtables
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CISO Roundtables

Trust relationships are the new gold in an environment that is becoming increasingly dominated by uncertainty, cyber warfare, state-level disinformation campaigns, and cyber-attacks aimed at creating significant damage. To help foster those key trust relationships, we are introducing CISO roundtables at the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit (CSLS), where you can discuss the most pressing cyber topics with your peers. Moderated by a CISO and a KuppingerCole Expert Analyst, the CISO roundtables are exclusively for on-site attendees. These sessions will not be recorded or live streamed and will be held under Chatham House rules to guarantee your privacy.

Each roundtable is open to a maximum of 15 enterprise cyber professionals of all levels. Request a seat today to be part of this high-quality exchange of ideas and get the opportunity to expand your professional network. Registration closes November 3, 2022, or when all seats are taken.
Hinrich Völcker, CSO, Deutsche Boerse

Protecting Organizations against Software Vulnerabilities

Hinrich Völcker, CSO, Deutsche Boerse
Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:00 CET

Software vulnerabilities arise from coding errors or other factors that can be exploited by adversaries to attack enterprise IT systems and sensitive data. Advanced software supply chain attacks have seen attackers tamper with commercial off-the-shelf software to multiply their attacks and infiltrate thousands of organizations.  
This roundtable chaired by Hinrich Völcker will explore best practices to identity existing vulnerabilities, assess their impact on business systems and will look into appropriate responses that mitigate such issues.

Dr. Marc Hofmann, CISO, Nordea

Countering State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

Dr. Marc Hofmann, CISO, Nordea
Wednesday, 14:00 - 15:00 CET

A volatile geopolitical situation is brewing tectonic consequences for citizens and businesses across the world. Attackers are expected to leverage the context to carry out advanced cybercrime intrusions, leaving businesses susceptible to potential state-sponsored attacks that could have second and third-order effects on their operations. A cyber problem immediately becomes a business problem that requires effective business continuity contingency plans built around defensible, risk-informed choices.   
In this roundtable chaired by Dr. Marc Hofmann, security leaders will discuss the role of cyber threat actors from nation states that have carried out malicious cyber operations, the implications of state-sponsored cyber-attacks on IT/OT networks, and industry best practices to improve your odds of identifying and mitigating such cyber-attacks.

Carsten Fischer, Deputy Group Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Bank

Operationalizing Enterprise Cloud Security

Carsten Fischer, Deputy Group Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Bank
Wednesday, 15:00 - 16:00 CET

As businesses continue embracing the cloud to become more agile and lower the time to market for providing digital services, balancing cyber resilience requirements becomes a must to protect corporate data migrated to the cloud. Adopting a cloud-first principle has become an integral part of enterprise strategy, with digital workloads deployed on cloud-native platforms covering a broad range of use cases, from business intelligence to security analytics.  
This roundtable chaired by Carsten Fischer will explore the evolution of enterprise cloud strategies over the last few years, identify critical cloud security gaps left unaddressed and will investigate industry best practices for operationalizing enterprise cloud security.


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