R.O.N. - Return on Negligence – The Impact of Cybercrime
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R.O.N. - Return on Negligence – The Impact of Cybercrime

Combined Session
Wednesday, November 09, 2022 15:00—16:00
Location: Historic Kassenhalle

R.O.N. - Return on Negligence – The Impact of Cybercrime

The cost of doing nothing is something that today we have to factor into many aspects of our lives.  Inaction hurts and we’ll briefly talk about the 6 degrees of separation for the connected areas that are impacted by Cybercrime.  There is more at risk than what can be solved by technology.

Denny Prvu
Denny Prvu
Royal Bank of Canada
Denny Prvu has been fortunate enough to work around the world with public and private sector organizations as a strategist, architect, and communicator on identity, security, and privacy topics for...

Lessons Learned: Responding to Ransomware Attacks

The last year has seen almost two-thirds of mid-sized organizations worldwide experiencing an attack. Managing ransomware attacks requires significant patience, preparedness and foresight – Stefan shares his experience managing the ransomware attack on Marabu Inks, his key learnings from the attack and how they have shaped the organization’s response capabilities.

Stefan Würtemberger
Stefan Würtemberger
Marabu Inks
Stefan Würtemberger is employed at Marabu GmbH & Co. KG, where he is Vice President Information Technology and responsible for Global IT. Previously, he was Chief Digital Officer and CIO...

Quantum computers: the ultimate opponent for data protection

The development of quantum computers is rapidly advancing. The threat this technology poses to existing encryption systems is becoming more and more concrete, even catching interest with the political world: Institutions such as the American NIST or the German BSI are looking for encryption standards for the quantum era. However, our data is already at risk today: Attackers can intercept and keep encrypted data until they have access to the technology to hack the cryptography ("harvest now, decrypt later"). Protection of our data is still not advanced: the end-to-end encryption most messengers offer only applies to the content of messages, not to their metadata. Nevertheless, metadata is crucial when it comes to creating personality profiles, recognizing behavioral patterns and being able to manipulate them. The NSA , for example, has described the collection of metadata as one of its "most useful tools." Indeed, the combination of inadequate encryption and the threat of quantum computing creates the perfect storm for data protection. Companies would therefore be well advised to address the issue today and seek solutions.

David Chaum
David Chaum
xx network, Elixxir.io
David founded xx network, a lead blockchain platform supporting secure, private decentralized messaging and payments. Designed to address public concern for user privacy and the threat of quantum...


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