Dr. Donnie Wendt
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Dr. Donnie Wendt

Principal Security Researcher

Dr. Donnie Wendt is a Principal Security Researcher for Mastercard. In this role, Donnie researches the latest security threats, technologies, products, services, and innovations to drive the company’s long-range security roadmap. He has worked at Mastercard for 18 years,  including serving as the Lead Engineer for security automation and endpoint security. In addition to his professional experience, Donnie is an adjunct professor of cybersecurity at Utica University, where he has taught in the Master's program since 2016. Donnie earned his doctorate in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University in 2020, where his research focused on security automation in the financial sector. He also holds an MS in Cybersecurity from Utica University with a concentration in intelligence.

Dr. Donnie Wendt
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November 10, 2022
12:40 - 13:00
Security Automation Strategies to Succeed or Fail: You Choose
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