There are rare individuals who carve out spaces of brilliance wherever they tread. Vittorio Bertocci was one of those souls; a luminary whose impact resonated not only in the corridors of professional seminars but in the hearts of those fortunate to know him personally. Today, we mourn the loss of Vittorio, who, after a fierce battle with cancer, left a void that words alone cannot fill.

The European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) was one of the many platforms where Vittorio shone brightly. With every keynote he delivered, his fervor for the Digital ID realm was palpable. He was not just a speaker who would deliver a rehearsed lecture. No, Vittorio was an artist, painting vivid tapestries of innovation, possibilities, and a future filled with secure digital identities.

Our whole team at KuppingerCole was privy to his genius, but more importantly, to his spirit. Every collaboration was a fusion of knowledge, passion, and a genuine desire to make a difference. That's who Vittorio was—a catalyst for change, a beacon for progress.

On a personal note, my friendship with Vittorio was one of those blessings. His laughter was infectious, his counsel invaluable, and his presence reassuring. In a world that often felt like an echo chamber of repetitive ideas, Vittorio’s voice was distinct—an Italian melody of originality and deep insight. Our conversations, be it on the latest trends in digital identity or simply recounting anecdotes from his home in Genova, were treasures.

But what truly made Vittorio stand out was his ability to connect on a human level. He wasn't just a technical maestro. He was compassionate, understanding, and had this uncanny knack to make anyone feel seen and heard. In the midst of conferences bustling with professionals, it was not uncommon to see Vittorio in deep conversation with a newcomer, instilling confidence and sharing wisdom.

The sorrow we feel is deep, not just as friends who will miss those enlightening chats over coffee but as a member of the Digital ID community. We've lost a guiding star. Vittorio's innovations weren't just about the next best product or solution; they were about creating a world where our digital selves were protected, honored, and seamlessly integrated into our real lives. His visions for the future were grand, yet grounded in an intimate understanding of the present.

Cancer may have taken Vittorio from us, but his legacy remains indelible. Every keynote, every workshop, every casual chat at the conference coffee stand is a testament to the man who believed in a digitally secure future and poured his soul into making it a reality.

It's often said that the brightest stars burn half as long, and perhaps that's true. Vittorio's light shone intensely, illuminating paths, sparking ideas, and warming hearts. In his absence, it's up to us to ensure that the trails he blazed are not left in darkness. Let's honor him by being torchbearers of his vision, and by embodying the same passion, dedication, and warmth that Vittorio exuded every day.

For now, as we grapple with this profound loss, let's remember Vittorio for the force of nature he was. Let's recount stories that made us laugh, lessons that spurred us forward, and moments when his sheer presence made everything seem right.

To Vittorio - the maestro, the mentor, the friend. Your journey may have ended, but your symphony plays on in the hearts and minds of everyone you touched.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You are deeply missed.

Let`s keep on celebrating the enduring impact of Vittorio Bertocci's work. Therefore, we are making all of Vittorio’s talks at the European Identity and Cloud Conference publicly available. Watch them, they are worth every single minute.




Vittorio Bertocci may have left this world, but his contributions to the field of identity management will remain eternally present in our hearts and in the technologies we build. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.