Challenging the Easy Path: Why NIS2 Demands a New Compliance Mindset
The enforcement of NIS2 is marked by firm oversight and significant sanctioning power. Supervisory bodies are designated at the national level to monitor and enforce compliance.
Defining Modern Cybersecurity Leadership
In this episode of the Analyst Chat, Matthias talks to KuppingerCole CEO Berthold Kerl about cybersecurity leadership and what it takes to lead a company in cybersecurity.
Catalyzing your Digital Transformation Journey
Digital Transformation is here, and it impacts everyone, businesses, and governments. It is changing society as a whole and the way we engage with each other in virtually every area of life. The question of if and when to develop a digital transformation strategy is not even an issue. Start now
A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN
A First End to the Schrems II Limbo
Putting Your First-Line Worker at the Center of Attention
We Are Detective: Data Scientists to the Rescue for Cybersecurity and Governance
Five Golden Rules for Efficient Virtual Collaboration
Converging IAM Solutions AND Reducing Complexity
PEPP-PT: Bridging the Gap Between COVID-19 Pandemic Control and Privacy by Design
KuppingerCole Analyst Chat - Our New Regular Podcast
Home Office in the Times of Pandemic – a Blessing or a Curse?
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