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Deepfakes: A Case for or Against Remote Identity Verification?

Recently deepfakes made a splash in the headlines: Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kiev held one-on-one virtual interviews with several European leaders – or so they thought. In the days following the interviews, it came to light that the Ukrainian official was not actually conducting the interviews, but an unknown party had presented a false representation of Klitschko – with possibilities ranging from a real-time deepfake to a re-edited version of existing video footage called “shallow fakes” – that lasted approximately 15 minutes. One of the interviewees...


Enter Microsoft Entra

Today, Microsoft announced a new name for their identity product family which encompasses familiar capabilities alongside new capability launches. Microsoft Entra covers identity, including Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Permissions Management, and Verified ID. Azure AD is a familiar offering and will remain available stand-alone. But it is now accompanied by a Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) offering and a decentralized identity offering. At first glance, Microsoft Entra Permissions Management has a smattering of interesting functionality like visibility on...


Staying Ahead in the Innovation Race

Machine Learning, Edge, and Decentralization to Drive Your Investment Decisions Challenges to the business operating environment are mounting – a survey of over 200 executives conducted in 2021 revealed the resilience dimensions most important to their strategy and operations. Digital and technological resilience is rising to the top, just behind financial resilience and operational resilience as being most important to the business across a variety of sectors. Unfortunately, it is not just a matter of threats and vulnerabilities to enterprise systems – although these are...


Arrival of the Digital Services Act (DSA)

The Digital Services Act (DSA), along with the Digital Market Act (DMA) are initiatives from the European Union Commission, proposed in December 2020 and agreed upon in April 2022 . The main goal is to provide and ensure an accountable online environment in the EU, and regulate the “gatekeepers” on online interactions. This is a wide-reaching act that will differentiate “gatekeepers” from other online services, and apply obligations to them to create a more fair, competitive, and safe online market. These acts are not in full force yet – they are subject...


AI Ethics Are Urgent. Here Is Why

Where we already benefit from AI Efficiency, personalization, and transforming numerous parameters into an actionable insight are some of the benefits we have from AI. Artificial intelligence is already embedded in our daily lives, often in ways that we barely notice anymore. In our personal lives, we benefit form recommendation engines , fraud detection for payment transactions , image classification of medical imaging , and natural language interaction with our smart devices. Organizations are harnessing AI as well, for anomaly detection in customer transactions and in IT...


Breaking AI’s Crystal Ball – Predictive Analytics With AI Explained

Explore How AI is Changing the Playing Field of Analytics Analytics isn’t new. Neither is AI . But the combination opens up a whole new playing field. Analytics is the domain of processing data to derive insights. Computations are done on data, relying heavily on statistics and data science fields to identify patterns previously unseen. Analytics is very useful in business, as the insights it yields helps decision makers understand their organization and its performance. Analytics is often used to optimize marketing or product performance, better understand consumer...


Hyperautomation Changing Business

Hyperautomation has the potential to disrupt and accelerate business all over the world. It is necessary to be prepared. There is automation, and there is hyperautomation. Buckle up! Before we get to hyperautomation, we should start with automation within the enterprise in the context of business process automation. Or as it is often called, robotic process automation (RPA). First of all, RPA is a software solution to automate repetitive tasks in the organization like calculations, record-keeping, making reports, filling forms, and much more. RPA typically handles digital data that...


Autonomous Machines Transforming Business

Comprehending the Current and Future Transformation of Business by Autonomous Machines Self-driving cars! Not so fast, autonomous devices include much more than just vehicles. Autonomous devices perform their function using data it collects from its surroundings and acts based on its analysis of that input . This is often combing AI/ML and edge computing so that the device can operate without direct commands from an operator. It is not automatic, where it follows a rule-based logic that do not account for changes in the environment. Autonomous devices are often closely associated...


Global Identity Networks: How to Leverage Them for Business Benefit

The organization that is ready to onboard pre-verified customers should pay attention to global identity networks. The organization that is ready to provision, authenticate, authorize their employees, contractors, suppliers, etc. remotely and based on credentials verified by trusted service providers should pay attention to global identity networks. The organization that is ready to manage identities with data minimization built into credential sharing, and transparent audit trails to check the validity of those credentials should pay attention to global identity networks. Global...


What Does “Crypto” Mean for Business?

For anyone trying to keep up with “crypto” trends, good luck. Very often, articles and news around “crypto” lumps together everything that is futuristic about currency, investments and payments. As usual, the hype around new or trending concept leads to an overgeneralization of what that concept actually means. Organizations do need to decide what “crypto” means for their business, but they should be on their guard so as not to fall prey to a blind “crypto” craze. There is influence, risk, and legitimate business models to be found in the...

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