Identity Security

Increased home and remote working and cloud migration are driving accelerated digital transformation, which has led to an explosion of digital identities, which are under attack more than ever before. 

Identity security has never been more important, making it a key theme running throughout Day Two of KuppingerCole’s 2021 European Identity and Cloud (EIC) conference, and the primary topic of a virtual roundtable discussion that focused on the importance of securing privileged access, and a presentation by Henk Marsman of Rabobank on the impact of an agile approach to software development has on identity security.

Decentralized identity is a strong candidate for addressing key identity issues, and was featured in presentations by Stepan Gershuni of the Decentralized Identity Foundation, J.R. Reagan of IdeaXplorer, John Phillips of 460degrees, Ingo Schubert of RSA Security, Harry Behrens of bloXmove, and Peter Busch of the Robert Bosch Group, who believes decentralized identity...

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