There is no single right way to do cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) services. Not only is every organization at a different place in their journey, but each will prioritize cloud benefits differently. Therefore, no matter where you are on your cloud journey, modular and integrated solutions can strengthen your identity security, help you achieve governance and a Zero Trust model, and get compliant.

The cloud comes with great opportunities as well as significant dangers. When including it in your IGA strategy (of which it should be a critical element), keep identity security at the center. IGA programs are difficult under the best of circumstances, but now with most organizations operating in a hybrid environment of on-premises and cloud resources, it can be extremely difficult to govern without the right approach to identity security. There is a perception that you have to give up something – functionality or security usually – to make the jump to cloud-based environments.

No need to sacrifice functionality and flexibility for security

However, that does not have to be the case. You can have both security, and the increased functionality and flexibility that the cloud provides. There is no need to sacrifice.

It is rare that an organization will implement a complete IGA program at once. It is expensive and can require a lot of end-user adjustment. Often, the IGA rollout is prioritized, starting with the most pressing identity challenge. Regardless of where you start your IGA journey, you need an approach that not only addresses your current priorities but also is flexible enough to scale and transform to tomorrow’s needs. Ideally, the first phase of your IGA program should be seamlessly compatible with subsequent phases as you implement additional IGA programs.

This seamless integration with all systems within your IGA solution as well as cloud- and SaaS-based applications and services, will enable your organization to reap the benefits of a unified identity security platform. You can centralize management, accelerate and automate provisioning/de-provisioning tasks, grant just-in-time access, simplify certification efforts, get compliant and ultimately strengthen identity security. Oh, and pass audits more easily.

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