Identity Fabrics

The last edition of KC Navigator looked at the challenge of managing complex, dynamic modern IT infrastructure and the associated proliferation of entitlements, and how organizations can go about meeting this challenge by ultimately moving towards an “identity first” approach.

This approach is encapsulated in the concept of an “identity fabric” or an interconnected layer of identity functionalities and capabilities, which is key to moving to a strategic future-proof vision by maintaining a blueprint for a unified identity, access, and cloud security eco-system, and by defining a general strategy for multi-cloud, multi-hybrid IT.  

Given the reality of multi-cloud, multi-hybrid IT and the increasing use of virtual machines for running workloads, Edge computing systems to process data at the periphery of the network, and agile development and DevOps tools, the “identity fabric” concept is increasingly relevant to enterprises doing business in the digital era.

The concept or...

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