Hybrid IT Backup and Recovery

In this era of ransomware attacks, backup and recovery capabilities are more important than ever. If all else fails, and a ransomware attack is successful, having an effective backup and recovery solution that works for modern IT environments is essential for ensuring business continuity and recovery from being locked out of business-critical data without having the cost or risk of paying the ransomware operators or having to rebuild data from scratch. 

Painful experience has shown that paying ransoms is often not a solution. There is no guarantee that the decryption key will be provided, and even if it is, there is no guarantee that the data will not be corrupted or that the attackers will not try attack again and even try to extort more money out of the victim organization by threatening to leak copies of the data. 

The best way of protecting against ransomware attacks is by preventing them from happening in the first place through multi-layered security controls in combination...

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