Digital engagement is a key driver of economic growth, but the lack of reusable, verified identities is a significant problem that needs to be solved.

At present, there is no way for anyone to get a single, verified identity that can be used to interact with government services, employers, health providers, and other service providers around the world.

The digital economy is being held back by the lack of any means to provide trust in identity transactions, to ensure that individuals are who they claim to be, and to verify that the origin and destination of identity attributes are trustworthy.

Currently, there is no means of ensuring that all participants in digital transactions are accountable to establish trusted relationships with consumers, employees, partners, contractors, and suppliers using verified identity information.

Instead, most organizations have to rely on self-attested information from consumers with varying levels of assurance of identity and authentication. This means that organizations that need high levels of assurance, each have to establish their own, isolated processes for identity proofing and verification by collecting, validating, and verifying high assurance identity attributes, which is costly.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for reusable, user-centric, high-trust, verified identities that are globally interoperable and relatively low cost.

To address this need, a group of identify professionals have drawn up a proposal that was formally launched at the European Identity Conference (EIC) in September 2021. The proposal is for an international collaboration initiative to make reusable identities a practical reality by leveraging the high-trust identity information that has been verified by financial institutions, other regulated industries, and government identity services for reuse in any industry.

The Global Assured Identities Network (GAIN) proposal was drawn up by more than 150 identity professionals, and is aimed at making these existing high assurance identity attributes sharable between parties so that other organizations in addition to financial institutions can benefit from working with trusted identities.

The attributes can be shared directly with consuming organizations or, indirectly, via a wallet where the data is kept as verifiable credentials and later shared with the consuming organizations.

GAIN is a network to provide trust in identity transactions; to ensure that individuals have the credentials they claim while interacting digitally; and to ensure that the origin and destination of the identity attributes are trustworthy.

GAIN can be leveraged to identify and authenticate users, as well as to verify and validate identity attributes, with a focus on serving CIAM use cases, including onboarding and registration, authentication, and password/credential management.

The availability of such a system would benefit all the major stakeholders, which include potential future identity information providers such as banks, all organizations that require customer identity and authentication assurance, and end users seeking to access online services.

For identity information providers such as banks, participation in GAIN can transform identity verification processes from a cost to profit center; organizations that need to identify, validate and authenticate customers, employees, partners and suppliers, will benefit from reduced friction and increased conversion rates; and end users will benefit from increased privacy, easier onboarding and login processes, and have fewer login credentials to manage.

All these stakeholders have much to gain by joining this initiative and working collaboratively to make GAIN a reality.

The success of GAIN depends on numerous factors, but the participation from identity information providers and relying parties is key so that there are enough use cases to make the GAIN option relevant for end users.

— Anne Bailey, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole.

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This includes events, such as the free to attend KC Live Event on The Future of Identity & Access Management taking place online on 6 July at 14h00 CEST, which will consider how users will be verified in future and the role that decentralized identity/verifiable credentials/SSI could play when it comes to customer identities, as well as who could supply these identities.


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Tech Investment

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