Cybersecurity: A basic business requirement

Cybersecurity is a basic and essential requirement for today’s organizations because they are increasingly reliant on IT, particularly as businesses becomes more digital, and this makes them increasingly vulnerable to disruption and consequently to direct and indirect financial and reputational loss due to cyber-attacks. 

Cybersecurity as a requirement for businesses was a key theme at this year’s KuppingerCole Analysts’ Cybersecurity Leadership Summit, along with the human factor in cybersecurity, the application of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, endpoint security, operational technology and IoT security, cloud security, cybersecurity governance and risk management, and managing ransomware attacks. 

In the next few editions of KC Navigator, we will highlight some of this content as useful starting places for you to investigate these key cybersecurity topics, as well as provide links to other content available in a variety of formats.  

Our research shows that the...

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