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Gear Up for the Future with Decentralized Identity

In the digital era, business would greatly benefit from having increased identity assurance levels, be able to interact securely with partners, suppliers, consumers, and customers, and be able to reduce the administrative load during onboarding or ongoing verification of credentials. One potential solution, that is gaining momentum and support around the world, is the implementation of decentralized Identity systems that use verifiable credentials that are tamper proof, can be stored in a digital wallet, and can contain a decentralized identifier that is globally unique and can be...


IGA, the key to security and compliance

Securing data and complying with the growing number of associated local, regional, and international regulations are two of the biggest challenges facing most modern organizations as they become increasingly reliant on complex IT environments. Key to achieving both data security and regulatory compliance is the ability to manage identities effectively and enforce policy-based access controls to ensure only authorized people and things have access to IT systems and data under the correct circumstances. This has become increasingly challenging with the proliferation of digital...


Reducing Risk Through Effective Access Management

Business is increasingly reliant on IT, from critical line-of-business applications, productivity and collaboration applications to e-commerce, and online customer services. In the modern world, it is more important than ever to ensure that the right people have access to the right systems at the right time, but that has become increasingly challenging. Not only are IT systems distributed across on-prem installations and multiple cloud providers, but attackers typically use compromised or stolen credentials as their primary way of gaining access to company networks and systems....


The Evolving Role of the CISO

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has long been a topic for debate. Almost ever since the role first emerged as organizations saw the need to focus on information security, there has been discussion about the how role could or should evolve. With information security now more important than ever before, the role of the CISO continues to evolve and gain in importance, with responsibilities extending way beyond the IT department and technical issues to include processes, policy, strategy, regulatory requirements and collaboration with peers, technology developers...


Cyber Resilience

In the post-pandemic world, most people understand the concept of resiliency, which refers to the capacity to recover quickly from some form of adversity - be that Covid-19 infection, cyber-attack, natural disaster, geo-political tensions, and even cyber and kinetic conflict. Business leaders are increasingly understanding the benefits of taking steps to prevent business disruption because the pandemic has made it clear that businesses need to ensure resiliency at all levels to mitigate any disruption to normal business operations. Due to the increase reliance of businesses on...


Passwordless Authentication

Passwords have not been fit for purpose for a long time. They are too easy to guess, crack, discover, and steal. Passwords are also costly and time consuming to manage, and password reuse is a major problem. However, after talking about getting rid of passwords for years, it is beginning to happen at last, thanks to advances in technology and standards that are finally making passwordless authentication a real option that is practical and scalable. Given that the Passwordless Authentication market is dynamic, exciting, and competitive means that organizations no longer have any excuse...


Cyber Supply Chain Security

Every business has a supply chain upon which it relies. Any disruption to that a supply chain has a knock-on effect on all the businesses that depend on it. Most organizations are well versed in securing physical supply chains, but the world has changed, and now there is a cyber component to just about every supply chain.  Supply chains are no longer purely analog. Many now are entirely digital, and virtually all the rest are hybrid. Even if goods and services are physical, the planning, design, sorting, logistics and transport systems around them rely on IT software and services...


Digital Transformation

The digital age has dawned, and organizations are adopting digital processes and services as quickly as they can to remain competitive in an unpredictable commercial environment affected by rapid social change and technological innovation. Without a doubt, it is essential for modern organizations to have a digital transformation strategy or risk losing market share to others who are adapting to the demands and opportunities of the digital era, driven by commercial necessity and the demand for convenience. Consumers and citizens are demanding easy, convenient, and engaging ways of...


CIAM a Way of Managing and Getting Value from Consumer Data

As interactions between organizations and consumers of goods and services increasingly happen online, the collection, protection, and management of consumer information has become increasingly important and challenging. In response, we have seen the emergence of Consumer Identity and Access Management solutions as organizations seek greater efficiencies and capabilities in dealing with customer information to deliver innovative services, engage with consumers, and build brand loyalty, while ensuring they operate within the confines of data protection regulations. CIAM has developed...


State-sponsored Cyber Attacks

Leading organizations have long factored state-sponsored cyber-attacks into their risk-based cyber defense planning, but the need to do so has been highlighted in recent months due to an increase in this type of attack associated with the conflict in Ukraine. The primary goal of these state-sponsored attackers is to identify and exploit the national infrastructure vulnerabilities, gather intelligence, and exploit systems, which can easily impact the business operations of both public and private sector organizations. According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC),...

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