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Getting the Travel and Tourism Ecosystem Ready for a Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

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Annet Steenbergen
Digital Identity and Seamless Travel
Independent Advisor
Annet Steenbergen
Since co-founding/initiating the Aruba Happy Flow project in 2013 after many years working in international border management, digital Identity and innovation for the travel eco-system has been at the centre of her work. She is currently a consultant for the travel and tourism industry and works...
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Verifiable Credentials: A Fresh Approach to Identity in the Digital Era
Oct 13, 2021

Establishing a verified digital identity is crucial to successful business collaboration and customer engagement in the digital economy. Verifiable Credentials provide a highly secure way of establishing digital identity. However, knowing exactly how to begin using this approach can be challenging.

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Verifiable Digital Credentials: Comparison of Characteristics, Capabilities and Standardization of Emerging Formats and Issuance Protocols
May 10, 2023

In 2022, several standards organizations and open source groups made great progress defining protocol specifications and code for the issuance of digital credentials. In this session, learn about and discuss some of the emerging issuance protocols, and compare their features, capabilities and trade offs.

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OpenWallet Deepdive
May 10, 2023
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A Digital Society Needs a Digital ID
Nov 13, 2018

Our world is becoming more digital and more mobile every day. The sensitivity of information being exchanged online grows rapidly and data privacy is a real concern to many people.
How are we facing new challenges to keep pace with today's digital transformation?
Getting rid of all paper flows, taking KYC-process to the next level, improve customers’ experience, introduce a safer way to login and confirm transactions, be compliant with EU regulations and PSD2.
Creating a digital ID in a country is one of the solution, but it requires more then just technology.

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Verifiable Credentials for the Modern Identity Practitioner
May 10, 2023

You heard about Verifiable Credentials and decided to learn more. You found some stuff online, but despite knowing your way thru identity, you still can't really tell how they work in practice (wallets? presentations?) or how the boldest claims (no more centralized DBs! Apps cannot save PII!) will play out. This session will dive into VCs and separate the hype from their true, remarkable potential.

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Cardea: verifiable credentials for health information go open source
May 11, 2022

As an incubator for innovation in air travel, Aruba has chosen to use verifiable digital credentials to manage entry requirements and health testing for travel to the island. This decentralized, open-source technology, which provides secure authentication while preserving traveler privacy, was developed by SITA and Indicio.tech and donated to Linux Foundation Public Health as  Cardea. In this session, representatives from Aruba’s government, Indicio, and SITA will discuss why they chose a decentralized approach, how they created a trusted data ecosystem, and why the ability to verify personal data without having to check in with the source of that data will transform air travel, healthcare, and tourism

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The Decentralized Identity Journey has Begun in Financial Services
May 11, 2023

Learn how Raiffeisen Bank International heads toward decentralized identity to empower their customers across Europe and set the gold standard for privacy protection.

The increased mobility of users and their demand for personalized, unified omnichannel access experiences has stretched federated IAM beyond its limits. Meanwhile, the need for organizations to collaborate more to compete, and build communities of trust and value for those same users affordably and securely, cannot be met by existing federated IAM solutions. Learn how Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) will embrace the new paradigm of decentralized identity to improve existing experiences and create the opportunity for new, valuable user experiences and increased levels of engagement and collaboration withbusiness partners across multiple jurisdictions, without the need to replace their infrastructure. Simultaneously, understand why starting their journey now, enables RBI to future-proof their ecosystem to rapidly support the EU Digital Wallet and official digital credentials that will become available. Get a glimpse into the solution architecture being deployed at RBI and an understanding of the benefits and how they can be communicated to executive leadership and business partners. Yes, decentralized identity may be great for web3 someday; however, learn from RBI how it can also solve today’sproblems in a practical way and work in harmony with existing IAM systems enhancing existing federationplatforms.

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Digital Identity (Wallet) in (International) Travel and Tourism
May 10, 2023

This panel discussion is addressing what is currently happening to make the travel and tourism ecosystem ready for the use of a digital identity that has the level of assurance to cross an international border, board a flight and sign in to a hotel. The travel ecosystem still revolves around a physical passport/ID card or drivers licence and this is about to see incremental, but pivotal changes. The digital wallet will also ad to the way we get ready to travel and add verifiable credentials that travellers can share in advance of their trip.

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IATA Travel Pass - Self Sovereignty in Action
Sep 15, 2021
Self-sovereign identity has been a hot topic at EIC since 2016. We've seen it rapidly go from concept to reality, with a massive increase in global interest from car manufacturers to banks to healthcare. We've seen innovative pilot projects, new software and exciting new privacy innovations. 
But what happens when advanced new technology and protocols come into contact with the real world? In this talk, Andy will describe how SSI underpins the IATA Travel Pass ecosystem. He'll cover some of the implementation challenges, the do's and don'ts, and describe how the technology is just one small cog in the machine that comprises airlines, airports, testing laboratories and governments around the world. 
As IATA's technology partner, Evernym has been at the centre of the storm of global travel pass innovation, and Andy will give you a look under the covers of what a global SSI rollout looks like.
Andrew Tobin, European Managing Director, Evernym