How to Find the Right Strategy for Access Control Management

The reason why I'm bringing up this topic is that we see some fundamental evolution in the area of business applications. When you go back a couple of years, many organizations have one sort of main supplier, specifically SAP, specifically over here in Europe, many, many businesses built sort of every single business application landscape on S and P. However, a lot of things have changed. We already 20 years ago started seeing certain applications shifting to the cloud, take, which was one of his first today called SAS services for the CRM space. And over the past two years, we've seen more and more of these services such as Workday and many otters. And also SAP has acquired a couple of solutions, which don't run into a traditional architecture model anymore. Plus shifting to Esperanza, which also is a step forward. So what has changed is that we have more solutions for business applications for more windows running, more heterogeneous deployment.
And that means that the traditional way of handling access controls of managing segregation of duties and all that stuff around these applications needs to be reconsidered and suited logic of saying, oh, I go for SAP access control a one-off the sort of direct competitors. Then it's a question of which needs to be from my perspective, reconsider regarding the answer you give, because once you need a sourcing which supports business applications cross the entire range of business application, you will have your, or you're having now and you will have in the future. So, and this looks different because it's not only SAP is not only the traditional R three about environment. It's a different world. You need to serve. And Darrell answers their answers from SAP. Their answers from vendors. What I believe is really important and critical today is to think beyond the traditional perspective who had making these decisions.
This is not about going for other vendors of that vendor or that vendor. It's about understanding that the problem is changing the way you need to handle your business applications changing because you have more of these it's more heterogeneous. And so you need tools that support all of these. This is application in an adequate manner, and I do also believe strongly tools that integrate well with identity and access management and access control beyond your business applications. As I've sat there, it's not as simple and single answer on what to do exactly, but it's reset search by KuppingerCole for instance, or leadership Columbus, a buddy X control two is for SAP environments and other stuff, which might give you some additional guidance in any way before you make your decisions step back and think about, does my application landscape look like it used to look and will it look the same or will it be fairly different? And then before you invest, decide on what is what you really need, what are the requirements for the future? You need an access control for all your business applications.

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