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Preparations for Smoother PAM Flight

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Abhinav Bajaj
IAM Lead
Delivery Hero SE
Abhinav Bajaj
Abhinav has over a decade experience in conceptualising, designing, implementing & managing IAM solutions across industry verticals. AB has been working with Delivery Hero for the last 5 years as an IAM Lead. As an IAM lead, AB actively contributes when it comes to putting together IAM...
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Alpha Barry: Implementing PAM in Practice – Lessons Learned in an Industrial Company
Jul 13, 2020

In this talk, Alpha will discuss the often arduous way from buying and initially implementing a PAM solution to achieving significantly improved security as a program target. He will share lessons learned about necessary changes to IT infrastructure architecture and operational processes to ensure maximum impact of a PAM project. Overcoming organizational resistance to the new processes and tools is equally important. Alpha will explain what to expect, and leave the audience with some best practice ideas to engage and involve stakeholders in IT operations and general management.

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A Fresh Look at the Business Value of PAM in the Work-From-Anywhere World
Jun 23, 2021

As businesses continue their digital transformation journey, managing privileged users has taken on a new and greater importance. Privileged Access Management (PAM) has never been more important, with increased remote working and employees increasingly getting privileged access to data and services.

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Designing and Establishing a Mature PAM Ecosystem for Reducing Risk in Your Organisation
Sep 02, 2020

What makes a PAM strategy different from enterprise password management or Identity Access Management? What are the first actions you should take to protect your privileged accounts in the shortest amount of time? And, how has the definition of “PAM Basics” changed as the industry and cyber risks have evolved? This webinar is a must for teams launching PAM initiatives to ensure they start on the right foot. As you progress on your PAM journey, there’s always something new to learn. If you’ve already begun your PAM rollout, this event is a great chance to confirm you’re setting the appropriate milestones and see how others demonstrate success.  

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The Future role of PAM: Securing any Privileged Workload & Access
May 11, 2023

PAM (Privileged Access Management) is one of the established core disciplines within IAM. PAM also is the IAM discipline that is changing most from what it has been in the past.

On one hand, there is the impact of CIEM & DREAM, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management or Dynamic Resource Entitlement & Access Management. This is about the expansion of PAM beyond humans accessing servers and selected applications towards any type of human and non-human (silicon) identity accessing any type of workload, from servers to dynamic cloud resources. This also implies an expansion from serving static data center infrastructures to dynamic workloads in today’s agile IT. PAM is changing, with more parties involved – a “PAMocracy”, as KuppingerCole Analyst Paul Fisher recently named it.

These changes also require expansions in integration to other IT services. There needs to be a dynamic governance approach, where IGA comes into play. It requires rethinking whether PAM tools really should care for authentication. There is no need for authentication point solutions in an age where most organizations have a strong Access Management solution with MFA, passwordless authentication and adaptive, risk- and context-based access in place. Finally, this new PAM must integrate with the DevOps tools chain for permanent updates about new code and the resources used as well as with IT Asset Management for an always up-to-date insight into the ever-changing, dynamic IT landscape that needs to be protected.

Also worth to think about is integration with further security solutions, beyond the standard SIEM/SOAR integration. AI-powered security solutions are one aspect. Integration to Cloud Security Posture Management is another example.

In this panel, the state and requirements on the future PAM will be discussed.

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Yaron Mazor: The Interplay between SOAR and PAM
Mar 26, 2021
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Securing your Hybrid IT Environment with Privileged Access Management
Jul 02, 2018

As your business grows, so does your IT footprint – both on-premises and in the cloud. This adds to the overall complexity of managing access to the newly acquired IT assets and applications in addition to existing ones. The conventional approaches of managing privileged access using controls native to the individual operating systems, and other internal access policies, are not only cumbersome to manage but add to the security risks in today’s hybrid IT environment. IAM leaders need to assess security risks associated with unmanaged and uncontrolled privileged access across more dynamic IT environment to ensure the appropriate PAM controls are chosen and deployed to address these risks.

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Four Key Components Critical to the Future of Privileged Access Management
Aug 06, 2020

Privileged Access Management (PAM) has assumed a critical role in protecting the most valuable data and services within organizations from theft, loss, and unauthorized access. But as companies and other organizations have become more complex and embrace digital transformation, PAM is also taking on a core operational function to achieve better insight into data usage and contribute to agile working processes.

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Implementing Modern and Future-Proof PAM Solutions
Oct 14, 2022

Privilege Access Management (PAM) is changing, driven by the move of most businesses from on-prem IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, resulting in a multi-could, multi-hybrid IT environment. This has resulted in a proliferation of privileged identities that need to be managed. Join PAM experts from KuppingerCole analysts and iC Consult as they discuss the need for organizations to modernize their PAM capabilities to manage access and entitlements in today’s complex and volatile hybrid IT environments, that can operate at the speed of the cloud and grant access dynamically, based on tasks, toolchains, and workloads.

Paul Fisher, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole will talk about the main trends emerging in PAM and he will explain why there is a need to modernize PAM to support the new and emerging needs of rapidly changing business IT environments. Johannes Hauer, PAM Lead Consultant will give an overview of the iC Consult’s methodology for PAM assessments and explain how to prepare to implement a future-proof PAM capability. They will also talk about the key success factors in starting a PAM initiative and the need to modernize PAM.

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Lessons learned from a PAM rollout
Sep 14, 2022

In the last couple of years the ransomeware attacks and other cybersecurity threats has not only brought cybersecurity topics to the board rooms but also widened the attack surface outside of the multi nationals and the financial institutions.

The cyberssecurity approaches and strategies that works well for a multinational with a large and well funded cybersecurity department may not be as applicable for a mid sized company where the security department may be a single person.

Still if the partner company that delivers the cheese to a retailer falls to a cybersecurity attack there is simply no cheese to sell to the customers so the retailer not only loses money but also fails at their most basic task. So how do we as multinationals help our partners with implementing basic controls such as PAM in a way that works in their business reality?

In this session we will be looking at how you as a relatively cybersecurity mature company can do to help your less mature partners. It is also suitable for persons who has been asked to launch a cybersecurity or PAM program without been given the full resource to execute a full program.